PAWS Pride Pizza Party Held

By Bob Braddy
The PAWS Pride Program at Dillon High School served up a generous helping of pizza to 159 DHS juniors last week as a reward for their achievement in passing both the math and English sections of the High School Assessment Program, on their first attempt, during the spring of their sophomore year.
HSAP is a rigorous three-day examination that tests a student’s mastery in the areas of math, reading, comprehension and writing. A passing score on both sections is required for graduation.
PAWS, an acronym for Performance, Academics, Wellness and Service, was activated at the beginning of this school year to provide incentives and rewards to students for scholastic and extracurricular accomplishments.
It was originated by Mrs. Darlene MacDonald, who solicited help in the community for its operation. Presently assisting her in the program are Nancy Bethea, Alice Braddy, Myrna Garris and Helen Moffett.
“It’s always appreciated when the community becomes involved in the school,” said Principal Lynda Cottingham. “Now, more than ever, we find ourselves depending on outside sources to help recognize the academic achievements and successes of our students. Thanks to Paws Pride we have the opportunity to do just that.”

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