Dixie Youth Baseball Provides Scholarships

From the very beginning, the leaders of Dixie Youth Baseball knew they wanted to develop a college scholarship program that would help former players obtain a college education. There wasn’t much money in the beginning. The first eligible players graduated in 1961, one $500 scholarship and one $250 scholarship were awarded. And from its modest beginning, the scholarship program has grown to an impressive venture in awarding scholarships to college freshmen.

While the scholarship awards began with modest awards in 1961 – the presentation of two grants, one for $500 and another for $250 – Dixie Youth Baseball awarded seventy (70) $2,000 scholarship awards in 2010.

Total awards since inception of the scholarship program now number 974 with an aggregate value of $1,716,950. Dixie Youth funds its scholarships through interest on funds earmarked for DYB, scholarships, new donations received annually, and any surplus funds transferred from the general operating funds of the program.

Qualifications are simple; actually, there is only one qualification – the person must have at one time played in a Dixie Youth Baseball league. There is no relationship between the award of a scholarship and athletic ability. In the selection process, the Scholarship Committee, composed of National Directors, does give weight to such other factors as financial need, scholastic record and citizenship. Only students entering college for the first time may apply for a scholarship.

In 1962, four awards were granted totaling $1,500. Between 1963 and 1970, four grants of $500 each were awarded; between 1971 and 1973, the four awards totaled $3,000; between 1974 and 1976 the six awards totaled $4,200; and in 1977 eight awards were given totaling $5,600. Between 1978 and 1980, ten awards were given each year totaling $7,000. In 1981, the amount of the awards were increased to $1,500 each totaling $15,000. Each scholarship given between 1981 and 1989 were $1,500 each and by 1989 had reached a total of 20 awards granted annually. In 2002, DYB awarded twenty-five (25) grants for a total of $50,000. In 2003, DYB awarded twenty-seven (27) grants for a total of $54,000 and thirty (30) scholarships were awarded in 2004.

In celebration of Dixie Youth Baseball’s 50th Anniversary, fifty (50) scholarships were awarded in 2005. In 2006, sixty (60) DYB Scholarship awards were granted, seventy (70) scholarships were awarded in 2007, sixty-five (65) scholarships were awarded in 2008, and seventy (70) scholarships were awarded in 2009 and 2010.

Applying For 2011 Dixie Youth Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements: Applicant must have been registered on a Dixie Youth Baseball team participating in a franchised Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc. league prior to reaching age 13.

Deadline: Application Must Be Postmarked On or Before March 1, 2011 for graduating 2011 high school seniors.

Application Form: Contact your local league officials, a district, state or national director for an official application form or go to Dixie.Org and click on “Scholarships.”

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