Latta Community Singers Performance Reviewed

A Review by
Marcia Chandler

On Friday night, December 10, 2110, the Dillon County Theatre presented the Latta Community Singers in Concert as one of the Theatre’s Events of the 2010-2011 Season.
The singers, led by Cindy LeGette , whose direction was superb, presented a lovely program of traditional Christmas music…from the ancient carols to the modern day ballads.
The twenty-six singers appeared to be most enthusiastic as they brought the audience a potpourri of well-loved Christmas music.
Director Cindy LeGette took to the microphone and told about some of the different selections. This writer’s favorite had to be “The Little Drummer Boy,” with Connie Christy on the snare drum, and Faye Perritt with finger cymbals. Every selection was done with perfection, and proved that the long hours and weeks of practice “paid off”!
The audience showed their appreciation for this fine performance by giving the singers and their director a standing ovation.