Car Goes Into Water At Harllee’s Bridge (Updated)

By Betsy Finklea  with photos by Johnnie Daniels

A car went into the water at Harllee’s Bridge on Saturday morning, according to Detective Cliff Arnette of the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office. Arnette said shortly before 10 a.m., law enforcement, EMS, and rescue were dispatched to a car in the river on Harllee’s Bridge Road at Harllee’s Bridge. Upon arrival, there was a car found in the water, and ultimately, an individual was found in the car. Michelle Lee Brown died in the incident.  [slide]

Arnette said at the scene officials were told that someone came by and saw someone sitting in a vehicle at or near the bridge before the car was discovered bobbling in the water by another passerby. Arnette said it is imperative that this person come forward so that law enforcement can see if they have any information related to this case. If you are this person or you know who this person is, please call 9-1-1 and tell them you need to speak to Detective Arnette about this case.

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