Jury Selected In Stutts Murder Trial

By Betsy Finklea

A little over a month after his brother received two life sentences in the murder and kidnapping of 75-year-old Mary Alice Stutts of Dillon, a trial is being held for Damien Inman in the same case before the same judge.

On Monday, jury selection was held for the trial in which Judge Thomas Russo is presiding.

Unusually, three juries were selected.  After the first jury was selected, the judge heard motions regarding  jury selection lodged by the State. The jury was thrown out, and a new jury was selected.

A second jury was selected, and once again, a motion was made by the State regarding  jury selection. The second jury was thrown out, and the selection of the third jury began shortly before 5:15 p.m.

When the third jury composed of five white females, four African-American females, two white males, and one black male was selected, this time the defense made a motion regarding jury selection. This time the judge denied the motion, and the third jury became the final jury.

Deputy Solicitor Kernard Redmond and Assistant Solicitor Shipp Daniel are representing the State. Rosalind Sellers of the Sellers Law Firm is representing the defense.

Court is expected to resume on Tuesday morning.

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