Dillon County Board Gets Tentative Dates On School Facilities Projects

By Betsy Finklea
The Dillon County Board of Education received some tentative dates about their school facilities projects at their last meeting.
Rodney Alexander of Cumming/Southern Management Group gave some tentative dates on advertising and bids for the school facilities projects.
The tentative dates are:
*Lake View project- Advertise: Nov. 7th, Pre-bid Construction Meetings: Nov. 22nd, Open Bids: Dec. 7th or 14th
*Latta and Dillon projects- Advertise: Nov. 21st, Pre-bid Construction Meeting: Dec. 9th, Open Bids: Dec. 21st.
One thing that may pose a problem is when they can issue a notice to proceed.  They cannot issue the notice to proceed until the bond closes, and the bond market is closed from December 15th until January 2nd.  It is anticipated that the earliest date they can issue a notice to proceed is February 3rd.
ATEC Director Jerry Strickland gave a report on the center.  He said the Craft Advisory Dinner was a success.  An adult C.N.A. class has been started through NETC.  He said they will also be teaching Safe Serve certification.  Fifteen students are in alternative school- four from Lake View, six from Dillon, and five from Latta.
Attendance Supervisor Lisa Bethea said a truancy sweep was planned for November 18th.  She has six cases to be filed with DJJ (Dept. of Juvenile Justice).  She also gave a lecture at the Dillon Library for grandparents.
Business Manager Doug Broome said this part of the year is the leanest time.  He noted that the teacher bonuses total $575,000 and were scheduled to come out on Nov. 22nd.  $599,000 in sales tax was collected for the quarter ending Nov. 30th.  This is more than they collected last year during the same quarter.
In other business, First Citizens Bank won the bid for the premium passbook savings exceeding $1 million.  The rate was .65.  The ADY was .65.

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