LVHS Prepares “Walk of Champions”

Mr. Joe Gleason and students Tavarus Jones, Jason Locklear, Cody Tarte, and John Lovette prepare the rose garden surrounding the flagpole at the new LVHS Walk of Champions. (Contributed photos.)

Throughout the month of September, students and staff members of Lake View High School have been preparing the new LVHS Walk of Champions. A service learning project sponsored by the Lake View High School STAT Team, the Walk of Champions’ purpose is to recognize former and current Lake View students, while renovating the main entrance to the athletic facilities. Led by Mr. Keith Newell, Mr. James Page, and Mr. Joe Gleason, students and staff have participated in various aspects of the project, including brick masonry, gardening, and leveling cement.

Mr. James Page’s students, Kody Jennings and Jake Cooke, prepare to lay bricks for the new LVHS Walk of Champions.

Lake View High School invites all former and present students to become a permanent part of the LVHS Athletic Facility Renovation Project by encouraging them to purchase a commemorative brick for the Walk of Champions. Purchasing a brick is an easy way to leave a lasting family legacy on the LVHS campus, while at the same time contributing to the School Technical Assistance Team’s renovation project. Bricks may include a student’s name, year of graduation, and accomplishments. Or, bricks may also be engraved to recognize a loved one, favorite teacher, or business. Ordering information may be obtained by contacting Mrs. Liz Herlong.

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