Oak Grove Fire Station Builds Training Center

The Dillon County Station Nine Fire Department in Oak Grove has built a training center.
They started the project in May of this year, according to Oak Grove Fire Chief Larry  Cox.
Containers were purchased, concrete was poured,  the containers were stacked, and then their work started, said  Cox. They had to cut windows and  doors and then build the framework to replace them. They built movable doors so that the lay out could be changed after each burn or scenario.
“I would have to say this was a joint effort by a lot of people,” said Cox. “DCFD Station 2 donated the Rehab Area, which has a shelter, two picnic tables and a concrete floor.  We had several firefighters from over the county to come and volunteer their time—Cody Gaddy from Station 2, Jamie Berry of Station 4 and Ray McCormick of Floyd Dale Fire Department  (Jamie and Ray have given an enormous amount of time), as well as Shawn Cummings and Taylor Jackson from Station 5.  Our members at Station 9 worked many Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings to complete the training center,” said Cox, who said he appreciated the efforts of all who contributed.
They used recycled material to keep the cost down. A state of the art burn building was built for under $16,500; one similar to this was priced at $149,000.  The training center consists of the following: three containers, two burn rooms, basement fire, temp monitoring system, stand pipe connection, pitched vent prop, wall breach, exterior stairs, forced entry door system, SCBA/Confined space maze, sprinkler system, interior stairs, and variable angle cutting prop.
“Those who wish to train will now be able to train a lot closer to home, “ said Cox. “I would like to welcome anyone to come and train.  The only requirements will be to have permission of  your fire chief in the form of a letter giving them his permission and a statement that they are covered by insurance provided by their department.  The department that uses the training center is asked to provide hay and pallets that will be used during their training evolutions,” he added.
“Thanks to all who helped, in hopes that this will help the firemen in Dillon County better serve the citizens of Dillon County,” said Cox.

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