ACT Scores Released

South Carolina’s 2010 public high school graduates matched last year’s performance on the ACT college entrance exam despite an increase of more than 1,100 additional test-takers, the company said.  The national average was down slightly.
ACT officials said a growth in student participation is usually accompanied by a downturn in scores, which did not happen in South Carolina.
Public high school seniors had a composite score of 19.7 for 2010, unchanged from last year.
The national average for public school seniors was 21.0, down a tenth of a point.
All three schools in Dillon County scored below the state  and national averages. Lake View High School’s composite score was 15.9 percent. Dillon High School’s composite score was 16.6 percent, and Latta High School’s composite score was 17.0 percent.
Lake View High School’s English score was 13.4, math was 16.6, reading was 15.8, and science was 17.2.
Dillon High School’s English score was 14.7, math was 17.5, reading was 16.0, and science was 17.7.
Latta High School’s English score was 16.5, math was 18.4, reading was 15.6, and science was 16.9.
State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex said South Carolina’s public school students have shown steady progress, improving their scores over the past five years while dramatically increasing the number of students tested.

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