County Council Approves 2010-11 Budget

By Betsy Finklea
The Dillon County Council approved the final reading of their 2010-2011 fiscal year budget at a called meeting last Wednesday.
The budget includes a tax of 133.5 mills—113 for the General Fund and 20.5 for debt service. The total general operating budget is $16,331,108.
Fees remain the same as the previous year and include a $40 road maintenance fee, a $25 mobile home license fee, a $45 fee for a marriage license, and a $35 fire protection fee for residences in the unincorporated areas.
Solid waste fees, EMS fees, and fees associated with  Dillon County Code Enforcement are also included, and the amount of these fees can be obtained from the Dillon County Council Office.
During the public hearing held prior to the final reading of the budget, Charles Curry was the lone person to speak. He said he had nothing particularly negative to say. He thanked the council for lowering the budget from the previous year and said that he thought all taxpayers will appreciate this.
Curry noted increases in the Lake View Fire Department’s and the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office budgets  and some relatively small increases in other departments and decreases in the budgets for the transfer stations and public works budgets. Curry said while there was not a breakdown of how the money is to be spent, the figures look in line.
After the public hearing and third reading, council approved the budget.

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