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Locally written columns of special interest to Dillon County citizens

Putting The Thanks Back In Thanksgiving

Perhaps I am wrong in my recollection of American History in saying that Thanksgiving (although it was made an official holiday by a Presidential decree in 1863 by then President Abraham Lincoln) was commemorated and celebrated by the Pilgrims in October of 1621.

Live Christmas Trees

As December draws near, many people are eager to start decorating their homes for the Christmas season. If you decorate with a live Christmas tree, follow these tips for keeping your Christmas tree healthy over the holidays.


Every fall, a free resource for gardeners falls from trees. Many homeowners rake leaves into piles, bag them up, and haul them away, however, leaves have many benefits in the landscape.

Tips Given On How To Prepare And Have A Safe Thanksgiving Meal

It’s turkey time, and the meal is one of the main highlights of Thanksgiving Day.

A Journey From Darkness To Light

I am going to share with you a synoptic saga of the most important and influential man that the Almighty (in His providence) set in my life – second only to Jesus Christ.

Harvesting Pecans

Are you one of those lucky homeowners who has pecan trees in their yard? Ever get tired of bending over and picking up all those nuts?

Part II: My Most Memorable and Momentous Moments

In my column recently, I shared with you a few of my most unforgettable moments and memories. I felt it necessary to reprint some that I have shared before for those who did not get a chance to read them.

Planting Deer Resistant Fall Bulbs

Tired of deer eating your plants? Deer love to eat tulips and lilies. It’s almost like there is a neon sign saying “Eat Here!” Consider planting these deer resistant bulbs this fall that will be very attractive and provide you with beautiful spring color.

Celebrating The Celebrant

It is both an honor and a challenge to write something about someone who has spent so much of his time and talent in a sacrificial and selfless endeavor to cite, commend, and honor others.

The Bright Side Of A Dark Incident

Perhaps most of us are aware of the unfolding drama that came to a head on last Wednesday, when a jury found a white female police officer, Amber Guyger, guilty of fatally shooting Botham Jean, a black man, a year ago in his own apartment as he ate a bowl of ice cream.