Lonnie Turner Honored

On Friday, May 24, the honorable Judge James E. Lockemy presided over the very prestigious ceremony honoring Lonnie Turner for his many years of service to the Dillon Kiwanis Club and to all of the boys and girls who have played baseball at the Dillon Kiwanis Park.

Judge Lockemy remarked to the crowd, “This is a day that we all will remember in the future.” He stressed the importance of this event to every one present and drilled the importance of this event.
Judge Lockemy stated, “Lonnie Turner has devoted his life to the Dillon Kiwanis Club and to the children who play at this field. Thank you, Lonnie Turner, #1 Dillon Kiwanis member!” The press box was named the “Lonnie Turner Press Box”. Lonnie was also presented a shirt that would have the “#1 Dillon Kiwanis” on the back of it.

Many showed up for this event including members of Lonnie’s family, friends, former players and coaches, and many other well wishers.

Lonnie Turner thanked everyone. “I couldn’t do anything without my family. Shirley allows me to come out here day after day.”
“I helped Dudley Saleeby coach the Giants in years past until I knew I should be in that box announcing. I am proud of all of the players and coaches.”