Dillon Kiwanis Club Hosts Ray Wilson Memorial Golf Tournament

On Saturday, April 13th the Dillon Kiwanis Club hosted the newly named Ray Wilson Memorial Golf tournament. The golf tournament was at the City of Dillon Vivian Johnson Memorial Golf Course. It was named the Ray Wilson Memorial Golf Tournament to honor the life of Ray Wilson and his dedication to the Dillon Kiwanis Club.

It was a perfect day for golf with a slight breeze and 70-degree temps throughout the day. Darryl Miller and Ryan Berry kicked off the tournament by speaking about the Dillon Kiwanis Club and what it means to this community. Berry also thanked all the sponsors for their contribution to this great golf tournament. Berry then began to talk about the number of players Kiwanis has and how the participation has declined over the years. Ryan said that the Kiwanis Club needs new members to make the Dillon Kiwanis Club great once again. Mr. Gene Hill cooked up some delicious food for all the players and the people working the tournament.

I had a great time hanging out with the Kiwanis Club members on tee box #1 and taking photos throughout the day. You can tell that this is a great group of people who care about the kids and want them to have the best memories that they can out there at the ballpark.

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