Emergency Services Director Gives Updates on New Equipment and Training


Dillon County Emergency Services Director Daniel Moody gives updates on new EMS, Fire, and Emergency Services Center. EMS operates daily with four ambulances. Each ambulance is equipped with up to date life saving devices such as Stryker Power Cots, Stryker Cardiac Monitors/ Defibulators, and mechanical CPR assist system, known as the LUCAS device. Moody also explains Dillon County is now one of only two counties in the Pee Dee region to carry whole blood for patients in need of blood right away. The EMS supervisor on duty carries one unit of whole blood in the quick response vehicle. He states Dillon County has one of the highest fatality and mortality rates in the state. Given that information, South Carolina DHEC has approved, and The Schafer Foundation has funded this much needed service.There is an EMT curriculum offered to all high school students through the Dillon County Technology Center for students interested in pursuing a career in EMS or healthcare.Through a Community Development Block Grant, Dillon County was able to update new fire equipment by purchasing a 2023 Pumper/Tanker, which holds 3,000 gallons of water to supply water throughout Dillon County. The tanker is housed at Dillon County Station 1 (Dillon). Moody advised Dillon County Station 2 (Latta) will also have a new fire engine this summer. Firefighters with Stations 1, 2, and 3 have hosted classes covering basic firefighter curriculum, HazMat, and auto extrication for firefighters throughout Dillon County.Dillon County Station 3 in Lake View has recently received a set of TNT rescue tools to assist those injured in automobile collisions. These tools add to the rescue abilities already in place at Dillon County Station 2 (Latta) and Station 9 (Oak Grove), and supplement the existing local rescue squads throughout the county.All Dillon County Fire Departments are seeking volunteers. If interested, please reach out to your local County Fire Department.The Emergency Services Director is pleased with a new Emergency Service Center to be built on Highway 34 West, near the Industrial Park. Within the last few weeks, Dillon County has received two million dollars in federal funding to house Dillon County E-911, Station One Fire, an EMS unit, and EOC Disaster Preparedness. It is expected to be completed within 18-24 months.With hurricane season beginning June 1, 2024, Moody would like to remind Dillon County residents to be prepared. A few items to have are a first aid kit, weather radio, family emergency contact list, water, flashlights with extra batteries, non-perishable food, and important family documents. For more information, visit scemd.org for complete list of disaster planning.

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