Multiple Guilty Pleas, Bond Hearings Heard At General Sessions Court

Circuit Court Judge Kirk Griffin presided over a term of General Sessions Court in Dillon this week where multiple guilty pleas were accepted and bond hearings were held.
Anthony Crawford pled guilty to two counts of cocaine distribution. Griffin sentenced Crawford to 10 years in the South Carolina Department of Corrections.
“Law enforcement brought strong drug cases against Mr. Crawford, who has proven himself time and time again to be a problem in our community,” said Assistant Solicitor Shipp Daniel. “We are pleased with this resolution, and our streets are safer as a result of it.”
Maurice Campbell, who was charged with two shoplifting enhancements (more than two prior convictions of shoplifting) and two trespassing enhancements (more than two prior convictions of trespassing), was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. Daniel argued for the significant sentence, telling the court Campbell “has a record of 25 prior shoplifting convictions and seven prior trespassing convictions. He isn’t on our streets committing violent crimes, but he’s terrorizing local businesses and causing valuable law enforcement resources to be used time and time again. Three and a half years is a lot of time for shoplifting some lottery tickets from a convenience store, and we wouldn’t be at this point if it were his first, second or even third offense. But we’re now on number 26. If he gets out and does it again, we’ll have no choice but to keep increasing his sentence. Hopefully that won’t be the case.”
The following were among others pleading guilty: Daren Frierson (trespassing), Tracey Douglas (resisting arrest), Gabriel Hittle (identity fraud), Graciano Landaverde (resisting arrest), Corey Lunnon (shoplifting), William Todd Cooper (weapons), Jennifer Poston (drugs), Douglas Bridges (domestic violence), Zy’Kemeon Davis (larceny, weapons), William Poston (drugs), Marvin Isreal (domestic violence, habitual traffic offender), Joey Alan Hunt (possession of stolen vehicle, drugs), John Dakota Hunt (burglary, drugs), David McDaniel (breach of peace), Travis Casey (ill treatment of animals), Shamar Moore (failure to stop for blue light), Terry Morris (drugs, possession of burglary tools), Kiajuana Bracey (breach of peace), Kelvin Bethea (shoplifting, contributing to the delinquency of a minor), Timothy Woods (weapons), Chasity Berry (drugs), Jermaine Smith (drugs) and Wayna Ford (drugs).
William Cook, who is charged with burglary, kidnapping and armed robbery, requested a bond. Daniel argued against it due to the serious and violent nature of the charges. Griffin denied bond.
Marquail Dixon, who is charged with attempted murder and two weapons charges for a 2023 shooting, requested bond. Daniel argued against it due to the danger to the community that he argued Dixon poses as a result of this shooting, and Griffin denied bond.
The next term of General Sessions Court is scheduled for March.

The Dillon County Council approved a proclamation in recognition of Black History Month.

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