NIMS Accredits NETC’s Machine Tool And CNC Classes

The National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) accredited Northeastern Technical College’s machine tool and CNC classes offered throughout the college service area.
NIMS is a widely recognized organization requiring rigorous examination for schools to meet the educational needs of the manufacturing and machining industries.

“Having NIMS accreditation demonstrates that the technical college’s programs meet industry standards and are aligned with the skills and knowledge
required by employers in these fields. This recognition enhances the college’s credibility and reputation among potential students and employers,” said NETC Instructor Randall Emory, who is the lead in the school’s side of the process.
NETC offers machine tool and CNC classes at Cheraw, Pageland, and Dillon campuses, The
school began the accreditation process in February 2022; the NIMS accreditation is effective through Aug. 14, 2028, and can be renewed.
“NIMS accreditation is important for a technical college because it validates the quality of its programs, enhances student employability, establishes
strong connections with the industry, and promotes continuous improvement in curriculum and teaching methods. This accreditation aligns education with industry needs and ensures that graduates are well-prepared to succeed in the manufacturing and machining
sectors,” said NETC President Dr. Kyle Wagner.
NIMS offers a framework for developing practical skills and knowledge necessary for success in these industries. NIMS-accredited programs ensure
Northeastern Technical College students enrolled in Machine Tool and CNC classes in Pageland, Dillon, and Cheraw, receive education aligned with industry requirements, fostering job readiness and competence, Wagner said.
The organization’s focus on hands-on experience, standardized curriculum, and continuous improvement enables technical colleges to produce graduates who are well-prepared for the demands of modern manufacturing and machining environments.
“Having NIMS accredited metalworking ensures our students receive high-quality training that aligns with industry standards,” said NETC Instructor
and Program Coordinator Marty Gooden, who is NIMS certified in Drill Press; Job Planning, Benchwork, and Layout; Measurement, Materials, and Safety; and Milling 1; Turning 1 between centers and chucking. “This accreditation proves their skills are up to par,
increasing job opportunities and success in the metalworking field.”
NETC Instructor Ron Yancey is NIMS certified in CNC Late Operations; CNC Lathe Programming, Setup, and Operations; CNC Mill Operations; CNC Mill
Programming, Setup, and Operations; and Measurement, Materials, and Safety.
NIMS offers industry-recognized certifications that validate individuals’ skills and proficiency, enhancing their employability and contributing
to a skilled workforce. Through its partnerships with local industries, NIMS facilitates networking opportunities, internships, and collaboration that further enrich students’ learning experiences and connect them with real-world opportunities. In essence,
NIMS Skills accreditation signifies a commitment by NETC to excellence in technical education, industry relevance, and the preparation of skilled professionals for the manufacturing sector.
NETC offers machine tool and CNC classes at Cheraw, Pageland, and Dillon campuses. Classes can be used to complete an Associate in Applied Science in Machine Tool,
a diploma in Applied Science in Machine Tool, and one-semester certificates in CNC, Machine Tool Operator, and Tool and Die. For more information, visit online at or call 800.921.7399.

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