Dillon Man Pleads Guilty In Two Separate Cases

By Betsy Finklea
A Dillon man entered pleas in two separate cases on Monday to misdemeanor charges.
John Corey Jackson, age 28, of Dillon, pled under North Carolina v. Alford to three counts of communicating obscene messages to other people without their consent. Pleading under North Carolina v. Alford means essentially that one is pleading guilty without admitting guilt.
Jackson was represented by Attorney Rose Mary Parham and Attorney Gerald Malloy.
Jackson was sentenced to three years suspended to five years probation. He cannot initiate any contact with any victim, which the judge explained thoroughly. He must submit to random drug and alcohol testing and his electronic devices are subject to search by the Probation Department. If he has no negative law enforcement contact for a three year period, he can ask that his probation be terminated after three years. He must register on the sex offender registry. All three charges will run concurrent.
Parham asked for a clarification on the no contact order because she said that some of the victims and their families have continued to frequent his business. The judge explained that he could not initiate contact, but that the victims are not under any order so if they frequent his business that contact is fine.
Jackson also pled to two counts of forgery with no dollar amount involved. This regarded quotes submitted on a city grant application. Jackson was sentenced to three years suspended upon service of one day and three years probation. He must subject to random drug and alcohol testing.
The judge told Jackson that he was making his life harder than it needs to be and urged him to lay low and stay out of trouble the next three years.

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