ABB Donates To Lake View’s ‘Paint The Town’ Project

July 7, 2023, Lake View, South Carolina— Anderson Brothers Bank meet with the Mayor of Lake View, Sterling Lee, and Revitalization Committee member Brittany Melvin to present a donation of $2500 to the town’s upcoming ‘Paint the Town’ project.

The ‘Paint the Town’ project will start in September of this year, with most of the work done by property owners, community volunteers, and students needing community service hours for college scholarship applications. “We are hoping this project will draw the community together to help paint our downtown and revitalize the buildings for new businesses coming to town,” said Brittany Melvin, Town of Lake View Revitalization Committee member.
“Thank you for letting us help with this project. It’s a great project for the town,” said Johnny Floyd, VP Marion/Dillon County Regional Executive for Anderson Brothers Bank. “We like giving back to the community and county where we do business, and we think that’s important.”

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