PHOTO GALLERY: SBSS Grand Opening Held

Simply Blessed Strong Survivors (SBSS) held its grand opening and ribbon cutting last week.
The organization is located at 1716B Highway 301 South, Dillon.
Life Experiences that required perseverance and a strong will to overcome challenges are the WHY behind the formation of this organization. The passion that formed the vision for SBSS is the same passion that will fuel the continued growth of this organization as new connections are being made and sustained.
It is our endeavor to accomplish several objectives by providing mentoring for at- risk youth, empowerment seminars, furthering education, hands on goal settings, and implementations, getting involved in service-learning projects and providing residency and services to and for homeless individuals.
In addition to the work we have already started we recently opened up our Human Resource Office in Dillon, South Carolina.
It’s not about how many times you fall down, It’s about how many times You get up.

Let’s pull together as a community and put in the work! If you believe in making a difference in our community together then volunteer today to help make a difference in someone else life by helping to educate them, inspire them, and empower those who are underprivileged!

With particular emphasis given to the current homeless population, jobless, and those in need. Our current areas of need are:
1. Securing a location to provide homeless services.
2. Connections to resources that will further the mission of the organization.
3. Financial support and connections with employers willing to hire individuals who need and desire opportunities to improve or reclaim stability in their lives.
4. New partnerships and support from volunteers and in kind donations.
5. Gently used clothing, shoes, wash cloths, towels, and household items.
6. Non-perishable items.
7. Hygiene, washing powders, cleaning supplies, etc

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” —Henry Ford.
There is success in Unity! It does not mean that all people in a group think alike or agree on everything. However, it does mean that we all bring to the table our ideas, our differences, our beliefs, and the things we are passionate about to meet a common goal, to help the community!
Each aspect is needed to ensure that the needs of the city as a whole are met.

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