City Of Dillon Has Meeting On Stormwater Project

Mayor Tally McColl getting an explanation of how the stormwater problems will be fixed.

A stormwater meeting was held on June 22nd at the City of Dillon Fire Department to explain the stormwater improvements that are coming to the City of Dillon and Riverdale community.
Residents had the opportunity to learn about project funding, planning, design, and construction of the stormwater upgrades planned for the City of Dillon and Riverdale Community stormwater systems.
The goals of the project are to restore connectivity, increase capacity, and improve conveyance.
A study performed in 2021 mapped and identified Dillon County’s overall stormwater needs. The scope of this project will execute a downstream portion of the stormwater improvements. The primary methods that will be utilized are upsizing existing pipes and widening approximately 5,200 feet of drainage canals.
This project will reduce flooding and increase the capacity of the Dillon County stormwater system to account for an increase in future rainfall frequency/intensity.
The engineering planning process includes the following steps: survey, utility coordination, environmental document preparation, public involvement, hydraulic design, construction design plans, project bidding, and construction.
The construction process will employ two methods—open cut and jack and bore. Open cut is the standard method of installation. A trench is dug greater than three feet deep and pipes are laid on bedding material usually in areas where an easement or right-of-way is present. The trench is backfilled and the existing surface elevations and materials such as grass, pavement, sidewalk, etc. are restored.
The other method is jack and bore. This is a trenchless application. An auger removes the soil as a pipe is pushed in behind it. Pits are needed on either side to place the pipe and boring rig.
This project has undergone extensive environmental review in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This act requires the assessment of different environmental factors before permission to proceed with implementation is granted. Weston & Sampson and Three Oaks Engineering are working with multiple regulatory agencies to obtain the necessary permits in order to proceed with implementation of the project.

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