Dennis Hyatt Speaks To Brotherhood At Mount Calvary Baptist Church

Mount Calvary Baptist Church held the monthly meeting for the Brotherhood, WMU, and BYU on Monday, April 3, at 7:00 p.m.
After a delicious meal and fellowship, everyone dispersed to the proper meeting locations.
Brotherhood Director Joe Price opened with prayer requests prior to having prayer.

Dennis Hyatt was the guest speaker for the Brotherhood. He stated that it was a blessing to be at Mount Calvary and be able to share the Word. His subject was “Who is your enemy?” There are 2 types of enemies. God left us with the Armour of God.
The enemy’s power is limited. The enemy is allowed only what God will allow. Death is not our enemy. As Christians, we must love our enemy, bless our enemy, do good to our enemy, and pray for our enemy. One can become one’s own enemy. People are not your enemy. The spirit behind a person is one’s enemy. One’s number 1 enemy is one’s self. One controls one’s own destiny.
You are invited to join us at Mount Calvary Baptist Church on Monday, May 1, at 7:00 p.m. with Connor Hyatt for our monthly meeting for Brotherhood, WMU, and BYU. Come expecting a blessing and also enjoy the fellowship and a delicious meal.
Mount Calvary Baptist Church is located at 405 Mount Calvary Road, Dillon.

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