Trial Of Judy Cox: Day Three

Cheryl McCall, former SLED agent, interrogated Judy Cox in the days following the incident. This was taken up during Day 3 of the State v. Judy Cox, who is charged with homicide by child abuse in the death of five-month-old Jeremiah Thompson. Below are statements made from McCall’s interrogation of Cox at the Dillon Police Department.

Cheryl McCall:
“So when you picked him up. You realized something is wrong?”

Cox: “I put my hand behind his head, like this here. I said son what is wrong with you. What is wrong with you? What are you doing? But, I didn’t pick him up and shake him. I didn’t pick him up and shake him.”

McCall: “You have several options. You can leave out of here own your own. Or you can leave out of here with the understanding either be truthful to me. Or this lady right here. And most importantly to yourself. Because you are lying to yourself. You shook that child.”

McCall: “If you love these children like you say you do.
Why didn’t you immediately start CPR?”

Cox: “I panicked. No, I did not know that, panicked.”

Rose Mary Parham questioning McCall about her termination from SLED in January of 2023.
McCall said in court she was fired for policy violations on a child fatality case in October of 2022 in Marlboro County.

Parham: “Isn’t it true that SLED’s investigation into your conduct related to this child’s death revealed several instances where you failed to provide truthful and complete information to your supervisor to DSS?And internal investigators?”

McCall: That was their findings, yes.”

Daniel questioned McCall about her separation from SLED.
Daniel: Why do you not work for SLED anymore?
McCall: “I was terminated for policy violations in January of 2023.”

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