Trial of State v. Judy Cox: Day Two

On Tuesday morning, Tesha Hyatt, Margaret Byrd and Tori Marthers testified. They were employees at Generations Daycare in February of 2019. On the day Jeremiah was rushed to the hospital, Hyatt and Byrd performed CPR while Marthers called 911. None of them was in the infant room with Jeremiah and Cox that morning. All testified that Cox was alone in the infant room. All also testified that they have no idea what may or may not have happened in the infant room. They all said they had never seen Cox hurt any of the children in the daycare.

Brad Hardwick testified that he worked with EMS and responded to the daycare after the 911 call. He said Jeremiah was not able to breath on his own when he got to him, so he performed CPR and immediately took Jeremiah to the hospital.

Dr. Rudolph Jokl, the ER doctor who treated Jeremiah, testified that Jeremiah was not breathing when he arrived in the ED. He intubated Jeremiah then ordered a head CT scan, which showed bilateral subdural hematomas. Dr. Jokl said that is indicative of trauma. He sent Jeremiah to McLeod Florence.

During the afternoon, former City of Dillon Detectives Danielle Rogers and Lorie Tyler testified about their investigation of the case. A video statement where Judy Cox gave her version of events was played. Dr. Thomas Beaver discussed the autopsy he performed. He said Jeremiah died of blunt force trauma to the head. He gave detailed testimony about his findings.

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