Hubert Grice Memorial Road Unveiled

On Saturday, December 10, the Late Hubert Grice was honored with the “Hubert Grice Memorial Road” that is located where he once lived in Floyd Dale.
Many family members and friends were present for the occasion.
Stevie Grice, Hubert Grice’s nephew, thanked everyone for being present at the event. He also thanked Representative Jackie Hayes for making this possible as this has been planned for a year.
Hubert Grice was born November 30, 1934. His parents resided in Floyd Dale.
Hubert was a car salesman. On one time, he and his brother, Carroll, owned and operated C&H Used Cars in Dillon. From January, 1981 until November, 1989, Hubert Grice served as a county councilman under Claude Graham as Dillon County Administrator. From that time in 1989 until May 7, 2008, he served as Dillon County Road Supervisor. Hubert Grice was a very powerful person in Dillon County politics. Hubert Grice has helped a great number of people throughout the years.
Grice was a member of Pyerian Baptist Church.
Claude Graham made a few remarks about Hubert Grice at the event. Graham reminisced about a time when Horace Arnette, Macio Williamson, Elwood McQueen, Hubert Grice, and others were on the Dillon County Council. Graham remarked that “Hubert Grice was the best councilman for Claude Graham.”

Photos by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald

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