Latta Elementary Students Benefit From Efforts Of Seniors Group

Students at Latta Elementary School will benefit from the efforts of the Latta Empowerment Senior Citizens this holiday season.
This group gathers together on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. to knit hats for the students.
On Tuesday, district leaders met with the group and a total of 87 toboggans were presented to Deidra Jones (Assistant Principal of Latta Elementary School).
Students with disabilities, as well as students from low income families, will receive these toboggans before the long holiday break.
The group has been knitting hats for the past five years, resulting in close to 1,000 hats being donated to the students.
The students love receiving these hand-made hats and the community is stronger because of these efforts.
Members of the Latta Empowerment Senior Citizens group include: Cathy Crawford, Essie Moultrie, Edna McClam, Hazel Williams, Mary Ann Pough, Marilyn Dixon, Addie Pendergrass, Priscilla Bethea, Josh Foxworth, Tyakaia Abdullah, Mae West Cabbagestalk, Mary Alice Garner, Ida Mae Green, Ethel Mae Harrison, Annie Spears and John Spears.

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