Collin Minshew Signs With FMU To Play Baseball

Latta High School baseball stand-out Collin Minshew signed with Francis Marion University on the next level in his baseball career.

Athletic Director/Head Baseball Coach opened the program announcing that Collin Minshew would sign with Francis Marion University.
Coach Brown praised Collin Minshew for his hard work on and off the field. Coach Brown stated “I am “hard” on the players. Collin “buys” into the complete program at Latta.”
When Coach Brown arrived in Latta in January a year ago, Collin Minshew was ready to start. “FMU is getting a “Gold Mine” in Collin. Others wanted him; Latta is proud of him,” enthusiastically proclaimed Coach Brown. “What you (Collin) does for us day in and day out is great. He works really hard.” I (Coach Brown) looks forward to this season with you (Collin).
Collin thanked God for giving him the ability to play, and he thanked everyone for being present for this special day in his life as he signed with Francis Marion University.
Minshew has been playing baseball since he was 4 years old and was influenced in this sport by his Father, Eric Minshew. He now concentrates all of his time in baseball where he excels as a pitcher and a shortstop.
Although Minshew received offers from FDTC and USCL, he should fit well in the baseball program at FMU as he loves the atmosphere and hopes to play early there in his college career. He will carry his work ethic that he has learned from coaches who have played at the college level.
Collin is undecided on a major at this time.
Minshew received the 2022 All Region, the 2022 All State, and the team MVP awards at Latta High School.
Minshew recalls the home run he hit in the state tournament against Richland for Post 1 as the highlight of his career to this point.
When not practicing or playing baseball, Minshew enjoys hunting and hanging out with friends.
His parents, Eric and Beth Minshew, are so very proud of their son, Collin. They both exclaimed “As a young boy, we always knew that God had big plans for him and we knew it would involve baseball. Collin has a love for Jesus and a love for baseball. As long as he keeps Jesus in the center of everything, he will succeed in anything that he puts his mind to! We’ve enjoyed watching him play ball over the years and have been his biggest fans! We can’t wait to cheer him on at FMU!”
Latta Head Baseball Coach/Athletic Director Robbie Brown is also very proud of Collin. He stated ” I am extremely proud of Collin for everything that he has done in the classroom as well as on the field. He is a testament to hard work pays off. I cannot wait to see what his future holds in the game of baseball as I know that with his hard work, dedication, and love for the game will take him places most people dream about.”

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