Flag Retirement Ceremony To Be Held

This ceremony will be held at the VFW Post #6091 on Highway #9 East in Dillon on Saturday, October 15, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. This ceremony will be a combined effort of the VFW Post #6091, the American Legion Post #0032, the Boys Scout Troop #763 and the Dillon High School JROTC.
Twenty flags will be retired, nineteen flags will be dedicated to a specific Veteran who is deceased, the last flag will be dedicated to all of the Veterans, men and women who have served our great country during war and peace time.
We are paying tribute to our flag which is a symbol of freedom and honor and to all of the men and women who have served in our military to protect our rights and liberties.
This ceremony shows the correct way to retire an unserviceable flag with dignity and honor. The public is invited, and there is no charge. Chairs will also be provided for your comfort.
If you have any questions about the ceremony, please call Lloyd Brown at 843-731-5891.
Flag Retirement Ceremony For Unserviceable Flags October 15, 2022.
Flag dedication to deceased Veterans.
We dedicate these flags to these Veterans who have served their country honorably and are deceased.
1. Bobby C. Jacobs–U.S. Navy–Deceased March 12, 2022
2. Jimmie E. Daniels–U.S. Army–Deceased August 26, 2016
3. James A. Thompson–U.S. Army–Deceased February 24, 1997
4. Johnny T. Sawyer–U.S. Marines–Deceased September 29, 2022
5. Edward Joseph Walsh 111–U.S. Air Force & U.S. Air Force & U.S. Army–Deceased Martin 28, 2022
6. Michaux Turbeville–U.S. Army–Deceased December 1, 2006,
killed in action
7. Anthony Chad Owens–U.S. Army–Deceased February 1, 2006, killed in action
8. John H. David, Jr.–U.S. Army–Deceased March 1, 1918
9. Katherine Sue Moore–U.S. Navy-–Deceased December 1, 1982
10. Robert E. Snyder–U.S. Marines–Deceased November 2, 2015
11. James Donald Wright–U.S. Air Force–Deceased September 11, 2018
12. Bob Lane–U.S. Army–Deceased January 1, 2010
13. Boyd Robert Graham–U.S. Army– Deceased December 11, 2005
14. James Leighton Mitchell, Jr.–U.S. Air Force–Deceased, November 17, 2011
15. Laval Malone Parham–U.S. Army–Deceased September 15, 1944, killed in action
16. David Greene–U.S. Army–Deceased November 8, 2016
17. James Leslie–U.S. Air Force–Deceased January 8, 2022
18. Luther Bethea, Jr.–U.S. Marines–Deceased August 18, 1968
19. Eli Williamson–U.S. Army Air Corps–Deceased April 22, 1943
We dedicate this flag to all of the men and women who have served our great country and our flag during war and peace to provide us with the freedom and liberty that we have. We have the greatest nation on earth because veterans, men and women sacrificed their time, limbs, and lives to keep it that way.

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