Words Of Wisdom That Will Help You To Succeed In Any Area

In this final article that I will present to you in my column during January of 2022, I feel led to share some prudent words that will help you immensely going forward in the rest of this year. The past two or so years have truly been a troublesome time laden with turmoil, trials, suffering, sickness, and even grief, due to the deaths brought about by the pandemic. If there was ever a time when people needed some encouragement and discreet words that will aid them in their quest for peace and success, it is now. So, we are going to share some words of wisdom with you by way of sayings that I have both gleaned from others and authored myself.

“It is Nice to be Important, but it is More Important to be Nice” – Roger Federer
These prudent words from the great Swiss tennis great, Roger Federer, will be a powerful principle and practice for anyone who will embrace and incorporate them in their life as they deal with others. I am convinced that in this day when celebrity fame and fortune is so coveted by the average person, being nice will easily take a backseat to being important. The perhaps innate desire that we were born with to be significant will always stifle and suppress the golden nugget in our make-up to be nice first. If we are going to pursue being nice and give it precedence over being important, it must come through a deliberate and conscience choice that requires much discipline and effort. Being nice is an essential element in the composition and character of genuine greatness and importance.

“The Way Up Is Down” – Marlena Graves
It is very obvious that when Marlena Graves coined the statement that is the heading for this section, she was speaking in reference to humility and meekness. These are subjects that are repeated with much emphasis in the Bible. Many are searching for a formula to succeed and ascend in various areas of life. I can think of no one who does not have a desire (to some degree) to go up a little higher in their profession or occupation. Though it is true that in every pursuit and profession, skill, and diligence are essential elements. However, when you add humility to the mix, a person is almost assured to succeed and ascend regardless of what business or profession they might be in. It is a proven fact of life that the best way up is down.

“When They Go Low, We Go High” – Michelle Obama
This saying that former First Lady Michelle Obama coined and popularized a few years ago is in many ways similar to the saying we just considered. Both require much discipline and selflessness to embrace and put into practice.
In this very prudent saying that was also a derivative gleaned from the Bible, the former First Lady is giving us a principle that we do not do evil or spite for spite. These are low, wretched, and vile traits of the unregenerate human heart of man without Christ. Going high when others go low will give you an advantage over people who criticize, defame, or even slander you. It is a principle (when put into practice) that will give you dominion and the victory over any negative and evil attack that can be launched against you at any time or in an area of your life.

“Your Right to be Wrong Never Makes Your Wrong Right”
As far as I know, the lead saying came from yours truly. However, there could have been a time in my past when I came across a saying like this and it did not register in my memory. Whatever the case, it is a good and wise saying for the time that we are living in. We are living in a time when many who are blatantly wrong are victimizing others through their detrimental and reprehensible practices and habits. A good example is the refusal of some to wear masks and who disregard the health and well-being of others who they could infect with the COVID-19 virus (if they are asymptomatic).
This is just one of the examples of people’s right to be wrong that is infringing upon the well-being of others and causing much hurt and even death. A wise and considerate person will surrender their right to be wrong, if it is going to help another person in peril.

“You Are Not a Success Without a Successor” – John Maxwell
This very prudent saying by John Maxwell has been something that I have embraced for years. Every since I was given the responsibility from God to be a pastor and bishop, I have endeavored to train and nurture others to be leaders. For nearly forty-eight years, I have been mentoring and instructing others in order that they might succeed and even exceed me in regard to the work of the ministry. To my credit, through the grace of God, I have been used to raise up many pastors and spiritual leaders in various parts of the world who are making an impact. Anyone in any field of legitimate pursuit and business who embrace this principle of nurturing and mentoring others will at the end of the day be a success through their effort to cause others to exceed them in influence, deeds, and accomplishments. Few things can attest to the fact that your life and service for God to the well-being of others in both the sacred and secular has been effective and productive, like the mentoring and nurturing of others. This is especially true when you have taught and trained them by example and edict to succeed and exceed you in their service and contributions.

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