Latta Schools Offers Free Summer Recovery Camp

Latta Schools offered a free two-week “Summer Recovery Camp for the Academics through S.T.E.A.M.” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) on July 26-29 and August 2-5. Second graders through twelfth graders participated in these camps.
Twelve teachers led the camps. They created their own activities for the camp. Becky Coleman, LES Music teacher led the “LES Mini Drummers”, exploring different bucket sounds while combining different beats for a routine. Erin Shaul had two camps of “LES Mini Artists” where students had a chance to explore their creativity through a range of mediums and concepts.

In “Art Adventure” camps, Anna Rogers, LMS Art teacher, assisted two classes of middle and high school students in exploring a variety of modern art mediums. They created applied art by hydro-dipping mugs and created macramé hangings and key chains. They also had a chance to work with glow art and created yarn paintings. Rogers commented, “Students had loads of fun creating art that they could use, display, and share.”
Brady Moffett, LHS and LMS Band Director, led one camp for LES students in “Sounds of String: Ukulele”, teaching students basic plucking and strumming techniques. Moffett also worked with middle and high school students in the “Sounds of Strings: Guitar” camp, as a more advanced means of making music.
Robotics and engineering enthusiasts enjoyed the
“FUNBOTS: Robotics”and“Engineering/Technology/ Robotics” camps. Leann Lane and Sandra Gomillion coached middle and high school students in completing hands-on robotic builds, thus promoting teamwork. Some students also had the opportunity to work with 3D printers.

In “Summer Camp 21” and “The Power of Poetry and Photography”, LMS English Language Arts teachers, Debbie Ammons, Cristin Langley, and Paula Williamson guided their students in the basic elements of writing poetry, narratives, illustrations, and taking photos. The students experienced deep thinking, inner growth, and outer expression. Campers had the opportunity to walk around the Town of Latta for the purpose of taking pictures and hearing stories from the town’s fire and police departments. Williamson remarked, “The camp was a wonderful success and highlighted both the insightful and artistic abilities these young students possess.” Ammons added, “My students had such a positive experience. The second day, one of my students hurried into the room saying she couldn’t sleep the night before, because she was so excited about coming back to school the next day.”

LHS teachers, Amber Jordan, Art, Erika Roberts, Drama, and LHS/LMS Middle School Dance teacher, Jodie Branham, used the overall theme of fairy tales to encourage their students to dive into the magical world of make-believe, creating their own fairytale character, complete with costume. Students worked on a group dance number, created set pieces and costumes, and created stage fairy tales.
The two-week camp culminated in a sensational Showcase with the lobby full of art exhibits and the stage full of intriguing presentations and productions for parents to enjoy. When students were leaving to go home, one middle school student ran up to her teacher, gave her a great big hug and said, “I never knew school could be so much fun!” Mission Accomplished!