PHOTO GALLERY: Hamer Church Of God’s Loaves And Fishes Ministry Blesses Many

The Hamer Church of God held the twice-monthly food give-away, “Loaves & Fishes Ministry,” on Thursday, July 15, in the parking lot of the church.
As usual, the line was long and stretched for blocks out of the parking lot…but the wait was worth it. The needed food was a blessing from the Lord.
Hamer Church of God, led by pastor Rev. Stan Rankin and his wife, Patsy, and assisted by Associate Pastor Paul Priest, as well as the entire congregation, are involved in helping those less fortunate.
Before a family can be provided with food, someone of the family must provide identification. If more than one person is present in a vehicle, each must have a different address to qualify.
The usual 20 to 25 church workers from Hamer Church of God plus a couple from other churches were present.
However, today some extra help was on hand as school was out and some of the youngsters from the church and others were present to assist with the distribution of the food.
The entire group worked tirelessly in the heat handing out boxes of food that included some items such as milk, sausage, tomatoes, mac and cheese, and other items. Sometimes there is packaged water, pasta, paper products, and different other foods.
This group effort has been blessed during each food give-away.
By the end of each food give-away, approximately 200 families have received needed food supplies.
The line moved smoothly with each person manning the station assigned to that person. The workers receive a blessed reward as does the recipients of the food.

Photos by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald
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