PHOTO GALLERY: 7-On-7 Football (6-28-2021)

PHOTO GALLERY: 7-On-7 Football (6-28-2021)
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As high school football teams gear up for the upcoming season, one can enjoy 7 on 7 play at the Dillon High School practice fields on Tuesday and Thursday throughout July.
As many as 12 area football teams can be seen at the Dillon location. Teams such as Hartsville, Lake City, Darlington, East Clarendon, Chesterfield, Dillon, and many more.
On Tuesday, June 29, several teams participated in the 7 on 7 play including Dillon vs. East Clarendon.
Coach Kelvin Roller, former Marlboro County quarterback, assumes the head coaching job at Dillon High School.
Marty McIntyre will once again head up the Nasty Cats defense. He will also be in charge of the inside linebackers.
Jacob Shumate of Hartsville will be Dillon’s new quarterbacks coach.
The upcoming season will showcase some old and some new talent and some new coaching staff members for Dillon.
Of course, this year, some players will see action both on offense and on defense.
Dillon’s Nemo Squire and Nigel George, returning seniors, will once again possess the power necessary to run through tough defenses while returning senior quarterback Jack Grider will once again continue his impressive passing and now possesses the ability to be a runner.
Josiah “Big Cat” Thompson, returning sophomore, will be left tackle on offense while Peyton Small, returning junior, will be the right tackle on offense.
Dillon also picked up a transfer from Marlboro County, junior Bryan Dease who will play lineman both on offense and defense.
Some other returning players for Dillon include Charles Brayboy, Brandon Hyland, Ty Martin, and Chris McCollum.
Darius Ladson, Vonte Waldon, Avery Bethea, Ian Myers, Jamarion McDaniel, and Aubrey Bethea should see time as a linebacker. Anthony “Sleepy” Grant, Sirmod McCallum, and Ny’on Maxwell will also be on defense for the Nasty Cats. Amari Dingle and Zayvian Davis will be in the secondary.
Jamie Soles will be the place kicker for Dillon.