Where Do You Stand?

By James W. Bryant
Pastor, Dillon Congregational
Where do you stand?
Is your current “standing” due to the people you are temporarily located around? Perhaps you have lowered your standard due to try and stay trendy and cute, and or in favor with a certain click that you seek to associate with, or perhaps are associating with?
Or do folks know without a doubt, your positions are still the same? Do folks look to you knowing that you still believe in there being a right and there being a wrong? Do others realize, wrong has made no impact on you when maybe others have changed around you, and that you still support and stand for what is right, right being the view of what God says, and not what the current social and or political view of what man may say.
Perhaps you are one of those that others know you haven’t changed your stance, that you haven’t changed a bit, that you are still standing exactly where you have always stood, that place where God has said for you to stand, the same place God commands everyone to stand and to support, the place of living a biblical inspired lifestyle.
God’s standard for men and women is indeed for all to love and live by his standard. None of us will have lived a sinless life, but we are all to be striving to do so. None of us should be found standing in support of others ungodly lifestyles, who by their own choice, rejects and denies God’s will found in His Holy scriptures. Those who live their lives so blatantly in contrast to God’s word should be ashamed, certainly not proud of it. And none of us who are striving to live a godly life should be setting another bad example by condoning that which is unnatural and ungodly. If we don’t have the courage to be seen siding with God, we certainly shouldn’t be found cowardly standing against him.
Maybe we should take some time to evaluate where we do stand, to evaluate whether we are out of place, or just trying to fit in. Or just maybe, just maybe, take some time to ensure that we are indeed in the right place Spiritually, and that we are indeed, of the faith. That we are standing, or in the least, seeking to stand in the perfect will of God.
May God open the eyes of those who may have, by their own doing, chosen to be blind. And may God remove the scales from the eyes of us that somehow have been covered by others. May God’s children ensure that we are indeed standing where we need to be, supporting only those things our dear lord would have us be, and not be found standing for anything that shouldn’t be.
If we will have a desire, to investigate ourselves and ensure we are righteously motivated, we will find ourselves standing in the right spot, supporting what we should and opposing that in which we should not.
My question to you today is simply this: “Where do you stand?” If you see the need for it, discontinue that wrong stand you’ve taken, and move your position back to wear you know God would have you. You will not find that you have done yourself any favor(s) by standing with those who oppose and reject God’s law, you will only come to realize that you will have removed yourself from those whom pursued it. And given the choice of these two groups, I’d suggest being with those who are on God’s side.
It’s challenging to maneuver through today’s evil world and the lifestyles that are being, not only quickly constructed all around us, but too, even fiercely demanded of us. Perhaps for this reason alone so many are changing their position, I don’t know. But this truth I do know and we should all be so reminded: Flattery to this world will only get you so far, but seeking to please God will get you where you need to be. Where do you stand?
Psalm 118:8
(8) It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

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