Defendants Plead Guilty In Various Cases

Kelly Brigman, the Dillon man who was arrested in February of multiple distribution of heroin and meth charges, pled guilty Monday in General Sessions Court before Visiting Judge Jocelyn Newman.

Brigman had been sentenced to drug court in May of 2020 and was terminated from that program when he received these new charges. For the drug court termination and the new charges, Assistant Solicitor Shipp Daniel recommended a 12-year sentence. Judge Newman accepted the recommendation.
“We are pleased with the result in this case,” said Daniel. “The sheriff’s department and the solicitor’s office are committed to working together to address the growing drug problem in our county.”
The law enforcement operation that resulted in the charges was led by the Dillon County Sheriff’s Department.
Douglas Moore, a Dillon man arrested in February for several third degree burglary and larceny charges, was also sentenced Monday by Judge Newman.

Derrick Cartwright of the Dillon County Sheriff’s Department investigated the case and teamed with Daniel to recommend a five-year sentence for Moore. Judge Newman accepted the recommendation.
Guilty pleas on other minor cases were accepted Monday in a courtroom that followed COVID protocols.
The South Carolina Supreme Court has ordered that jury trials are allowed to resume during terms beginning on or after April 15, 2021. Dillon’s next term of General Sessions Court is scheduled for June.