PHOTO GALLERY: Dillon Wins Battle Over Waccamaw In Triple Overtime

Photos by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald
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The Dillon Wildcats boys varsity basketball team won the battle over the visiting Waccamaw Warriors 70-59 in triple overtime in a game played in Dillon on Tuesday, February 16.
Dillon controlled the tip-off in the low-scoring first quarter.
Dillon’s Demarco Bethea connected for the first 2 points of the game before Waccamaw’s A J Vereen hit a 3-point shot from the corner followed by a 2-point basket by Shyhiem Smalls. Demarco Bethea calmly sank 2 free throws for the Wildcats followed by a 3-point bucket by the Warriors’ Shyhiem Smalls. The Warriors were up 8-4 with 3:24 remaining in the first quarter. Xander Fairbanks scored a 2-point basket to increase the Warriors’ lead to 6 points, 10-4, before Dillon’s Demarco Bethea sank a 2-point shot beneath the basket followed by another 2-point basket on an offensive rebound. The quarter ended with the Warriors up by 2 points, 10-8.
The second quarter proved to be a low-scoring event as the half ended in a 14-point tie in which the Wildcats committed only 2 fouls and the Warriors committed 5 fouls.
The third period of action began with Dillon’s Demarco Bethea connecting with a 3-point shot from the corner followed by 2 free throws moments later.
The Warriors’ A J Vereen gently laid one against the board for 2 points. Once again, Demarco Bethea got his own rebound and scored 2 points. Bethea again tapped in one for 2 points.
With 3:47 remaining in the third period, Dillon was up 23-18. Dillon’s C J Bethea grabbed an offensive rebound and scored 2 points before the Warriors’ Kam Green banked a shot in for 2 points. Dillon’s Demarco Bethea was once again on the way to placing another score when he was fouled. He managed to sink 1 free throw. On Dillon’s next offensive play, Bethea went the distance and laid one in for 2 points. The third period ended with Dillon ahead by 8 points, 28-20. Dillon committed 2 fouls in this period while Waccamaw committed 3 fouls.
Dillon’s Christpher Wright rolled one in for 2 points with 6:53 remaining in the final period of regulation play. The two teams began to battle placing points onto the scoreboard. With 2:36 remaining in the final period of regulation play, Waccamaw had cut Dillon’s lead to only 4 points, 34-30. Dillon’s Jacary Cabbagestalk sank a basket for 2 points to momentarily give Dillon a 6-point lead. Zayvion Bethea connected for a free throw to give Dillon a 7-point lead. The Warriors began to whittle away at the score and with a little over a minute to play, Dillon led 39-35. With 22 seconds remaining in the period, Dillon was up 41-36 in what appeared to be a comfortable lead…it wasn’t. The game ended in a 41-point tie.
Dillon once again controlled the tip-off in the first overtime period. Both teams fought tenaciously and ended tied at 45.
Dillon again controlled the tip-off. Dillon managed to take a 54-50 lead with only 39 seconds remaining. Dillon held a 56-53 lead with only 1 second remaining. After a time-out, Waccamaw in-bounded the basketball to Victor Otubu who hit a 3-point bucket to knot the score at 56 each and force yet another overtime period!
In the third overtime, Dillon managed to pull away with a 70-59 win over the visiting Waccamaw Warriors!
Dillon’s Demarco Bethea had a game-high 28 points of which he connected for ten 2-point baskets, a 3-point basket, and 5 free throws. Christopher Wright added 16 points on three 2-point baskets, two 3-point baskets, and 4 free throws while C J Bethea had three 2-point baskets and 5 free throws. Jacary Cabbagestalk added 8 points on four 2-point buckets. Charles Brayboy placed 4 points onto the scoreboard with two 2-point buckets. Zayvion Bethea sank 2 free throws while BoBo McKinnon garnered a free throw.
Waccamaw’s Shyhiem Smalls picked up 16 points on three 2-point buckets, two 3-point buckets, and 4 free throws while A J Vereen had 13 points on two 2-point baskets and three 3-point baskets. Victor Otubu scored 10 points on a 3-point bucket, a 2-point bucket, and 5 free throws. Xander Fairbanks connected for 9 points on three 2-point baskets and a 3-point basket. Montea Myers added 4 points on a 2-point bucket and 2 free throws while Chris Cervini sank a 3-point bucket. Greg Demer and Kam Green each sank a 2-point basket.