Editorial: Staying Informed

Staying informed about your local government and the issues that affect your is important.
We strive to keep you as informed as possible at The Dillon Herald by providing articles about local government and local government issues, by videotaping various meetings and going on Facebook® Live when important issues arise in the course of a meeting, by printing meeting minutes and agendas, and by keeping meetings on our YouTube channel and website in case a citizen wants to refer back to a meeting later. You can trust what you read and see hear as accurate and an official report of the business being conducted instead of trusting some of the propaganda and agendas being played out on social media from unofficial and untrustworthy sources.
Sometimes, citizens have issues that they may want to discuss by phone or by letter with their representative whether it may be a federal issue, a state issue, or a county or municipal issue, but sometimes may not have contact information for that particular individual.
We have assembled a government guide below from various publicly available records to help you get in contact with your representative if you need to at some future time. You may wish to clip and save this information for future reference. It is also available on our website, www.thedillonherald.com, under the category, GOVERNMENT, and then the subcategory, GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES.
We also want to hear from you about issues relating to government and our community. We have listed our editorial policy and contact information on this page as well so that you may easily write us as any time about your opinions.
We hope that you will find this information provided today a helpful resource.

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