Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Dear Editor:
Thank you for the opportunity to share with our citizens, especially parents, educators, and elected officials, what I believe is often overlooked as invisible harm to our health. Education is key to safe technology in reducing our risk of debilitating symptoms and serious illnesses from microwave radiation. In 2019, I was healthy, on no medication, until I developed Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) after a smart meter was placed on our home. EHS is a condition defined by the attribution of non-specific symptoms to electromagnetic fields (EMF) of anthropogenic origin. Symptoms may include chronic fatigue, tinnitus, inability to focus, memory problems, tingling on the face, skin rash, heart palpitations, seizures, high blood pressure and an inability to articulate words.
However, this letter is not about me but about the cumulative radiation exposure to our children, the serious risk involved, and provided resources on the why and the how of safe technology by specialist from the scientific, medical and biological viewpoint.
Wireless is a convenience yet with an unintended result and has been a controversial issue for years. The United States guidelines are outdated. Legal action was filed earlier this year against the FCC as safety guidelines date back to 1996 (EHTrust.org).
Children in today’s world spend most of their time at home, daycare, and school, sharing a common thread. That thread is wireless radiation.
The daily sources of radiation for most children at school and home are Wi-Fi, cell phones, chrome books, tablets, smart meters, nearby cell tower and power lines, smart watch, electronic games, blue tooth, vehicle radiation, security systems, the round talking thing, baby monitors, smart diapers, appliances, anything wireless, etc. There are no studies showing that radiation exposure or continuous exposure to children (or pets) is safe.
There is a possible link from cell tower RF radiation to cancer. (see cancer cluster of four students and three teachers at Weston School, Ripon, California @ Physicians for safe technology).
Many in the medical field are concerned regarding a parallel between ADHD, autism, childhood leukemia and emf radiation (EHTrusT.org). Countries including Belgium, France, Israel, and others have banned or reduced wifi to short use in schools, use shielded ethernet, and ban cell phones in school. The following states have at least one school or more to adopt safe technology: Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, D.C., Maryland, California, and New Hampshire (EHTrust.org).
Physicians recommend hardwired internet with shielded ethernet cables which removes radiation. (see EHTrust.org for physician’s letters to schools).
Example of academic injury: a child has tinnitus (ringing in the ear), how does that child know to express such a symptom to a parent, teacher, or physician? The child will have trouble focusing and hearing and most probably be diagnosed with behavioral problems or a learning disability, maybe given a medicine that is not going to help. Only reducing the EMF’s in that child’s environment will bring relief as this means the child has developed EHS. Other symptoms are headaches, burst of anger, irritability, insomnia, and nose bleeds.
In an open letter, Virginia Farver shares the loss of her son, Rich, to GBM brain cancer in 2008. The neurosurgeon stated the cause was cell phone usage. Rich had planned to go to law school and had told his mother just before diagnosis, he did not think he could make it, because he could not seem to remember things. Mrs. Farver wishes someone had warned her about the fine print (EHTrust.org).
A child should never use a cell phone except in an emergency. A child’s skull is ten times thinner than an adult (EHTrust.org). Warnings are in the fine print of each device. A cell phone is not a toy or teething ring.
The pandemic has placed adults and children in the position to use technology even more. There is no better time than now to learn safe technology and allow it to become a required subject in our educational system and a healthy habit in our personal lives. Most people use sunscreen to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Safe technology operates on the same principal lives. Most people use sunscreen to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Safe technology operates on the same principal. Learning and implementing safe technology is a walk in the park compared to dealing with a pandemic. We keep our technology and learn how to use devices/services in the safest way possible.
Why can’t the state of South Carolina be number one is America for providing the safest technology available in our schools and homes. It only takes about twenty minutes of reading to see what this is doing to our children. Who can spare twenty minutes? The resources below provide guidelines for safe technology.
Wanda Elvington
303 East 4th Avenue
Lake View, S.C. 29563

Resources: Environmental Health Trust, Parents for Safe Technology, Children’s health Defense, Baby Safe Project, South Carolina Coalition for Wireless Safety Standards, We Are the Evidence, 5G Summit