Why Thanksgiving Is Special This Year

There are three times each year when my Judeo-Christian convictions dictate the nature and substance of what I write about in my column. Three of the major holidays in our culture are uniquely Christian in nature. These holidays are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Together they are responsible for generating more buying and selling that help to sustain our economy more than all the other seasons of the year combined. Today, I am going to consider and comment on why Thanksgiving should be a special time this year of giving thanks to the Almighty for how He has blessed and sustained us during this time of COVID-19.

Giving Thanks for Life, Health, and Strength
Though there are perhaps few of us, who have not in some way been touched by the coronavirus pandemic, either directly or indirectly. We should give thanks that we were not in the number of the ones who died from it.
One of the many things that each of us should truly be thankful about is that we are alive in spite of living in a time when a pandemic is raging like a wild forest fire. We should thank the Almighty for our health and strength that enables us to continue to work and maintain our daily endeavors and in a productive fashion. There are regrettably some who are not so fortunate.

Give Thanks for Employment and Income
One of the most basic needs of every individual is employment and income. In a time when the pandemic has wrought havoc in our economy causing so many to be unemployed. If you still have a job, you should be thankful that you are not in the unfortunate number of the millions who are unemployed during these times. Furthermore, if you are receiving an income through a legitimate source (like Social Security, retirement, savings, and investments, etc.), you should be truly thankful. It was the goodness of the Lord that gave and afforded you the means to have something in the kitty to draw from and sustain you.
I am appreciative and thankful to God for being in that number.

Look Up And
Give Thanks!
A number of years ago, I was eating lunch with a group of insurance agents at one of the buffet restaurants. After everyone fixed their plates and was seated, they just began to chow down. One of the agents spoke out and I was amused when he said , “You all remind me of a hog under an acorn tree just filling up and never looking up to see where they come from”. I don’t think I will ever forget that example.
During this Thanksgiving season, it would do us well to look up to the Lord that is the Giver of every good gift to us. The Psalmist wrote, “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.” (Psalm 68:19). Every day we live is a day that God is desiring to make Himself known to us in His goodness. Even the challenges and trials of life are meant to bring us to Him as our Strength and Provider.
The more we count our blessings and think about what God has done, the greater our thanks will be as we look up and realize where they come from. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours!