Herald Staff Wins Awards

Johnnie Daniels, Vickie Rogers, and Meagan Cook won three Palmy Advertising Awards from the S.C. Press Association in the Merchant Group/Signature Page category for their Teacher Appreciation ad (First Place), Food and Alcohol category (Third Place-Dillon Meat Center), and Miscellaneous Print Ad (Third Place-Marlboro Electric).

Lawrence Jordan won third place in Sports Column Writing in the S.C. Press Association News Contest for his columns—To The Coast; Stripers On The Move; and Lake Hunting For Mallards.
Betsy Finklea won third place in Editorial Writing in the S.C. Press Association News Contest. The winning editorials are for The Wisdom of Solomon, which dealt with the Dillon County Library Board and the funds donated for the renovation of the Latta Library; Sending A Message, which dealt with a request by the Dillon County Public-Private Partnership Board to Dillon County Council; and What Have They Done Now?, which dealt with the County Council’s decision to approve funds for the PDRTA.