Dillon County Veterans Unsung Hero

To The Editor:
Veterans in Dillon County must surely miss the service of Jerry Huggins since his retirement as Service Officer. They are very fortunate. However, to have an unsung hero who has stepped up as a volunteer who is constantly working to meet their various needs. Whatever the need is – food, housing, transportation, medical or various social services. Johnnie Daniels, as an unpaid volunteer, works tirelessly to ensure that help is provided.
Several years ago, Mr. Daniels was intrumental in the formation of the Help for Veterans organization in Dillon County. This group of volunteers interested in helping the veterans in our county meets monthly with appropriate speakers frequently to learn of veterans needs and potentials resources, and possible ways to meet them.
Once a year Mr. Daniels spearheads a Health Fair for veterans and their immediate families at which medical, dental, and other professionals are available.
On a regular basis Mr. Daniels is solely responsible for receiving, dividing, and delivering donated food to the veterans which have been identified as in ineed. He also continues to work tirelessly to obtain a van to be used to transport veterans to VA hospitals and other medical professionals.
Not only the veterans, but all citizens of Dillon County should be sincerely grateful that our veterans have someone in our midst who not only cares about their needs but constantly devotes untold hours and energy to ensure that they are met. Thank you, Johnnie!
Nell B. Vincent
1203 E. Madison Street
Dillon, SC 29536

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