Virtual Band Banquet Held

Mr. Adrian Wright, Band Director, recently hosted the 2020 Virtual Band Banquet. The evening was a celebration of the culmination of a wonderful year of awards, honors, recognition, and wonderful memories through music.

Yu’Nique Dawkins welcomed everyone and acknowledged the achievements of the wonderful band program at Dillon High School.
The following students were selected to participate with the Region Five Honor Band; Jada Davis, Jakeidrick Eagle, Rha’niyah Frazier, Reggie Graves, Makala Grimsley, Angel Hunt, Micah Hutto, Brock Mack, Antania McCollum, Shaniya McInnis, Amir McLellan, Jamont McRae, Ashton Turner, and Michael Turner.
The following students were selected to participate with the Eastern District Honor Band; McKenzie Brown, Zyetrria Corbin, Jada Davis, Jakedric Eagle, Reggie Graves, Makala Grimsley, Angel Hunt, Micah Hutto, Brock Mack, Va’Najah McArthur, Candice McBride, Shaniya McInnis, Jamont McRae, Kyana McKellar, La’Zia Miles, Amir McLellan, Antania McCollum, Paris Nelson, Bobby Purnell, Jackson Stone, Tiana Stewart, Kae’onsay Galloway, Deon Roberts, Carmen McLean, Ashton Turner, Michael Turner, Jakiyah Tyson, Leslie Villagomez, Jalik Wright, Atanasia Williams, and Jatoria Wilson.
The wind ensemble participated in the second annual Allen University Concert Assessment Clinic. They had the opportunity to work with legendary and world-renowned band director and conductor Mr. Alfred Watkins. He praised the students’ high level of musicianship and discipline. Tonya Mitchell-Spradlin of the University of South Carolina and Michael Foxworth, retired band director also worked with the band and gave invaluable feedback.
Ashton Turner and Amir McLellan were selected to participate with the University of North Carolina at Pembroke Honor Band Clinic.
Jackson Stone, Antania McCollum, Jamont McRae, and Destiny Doroteo were selected to participate with the University of South Carolina Honor Band Clinic.
The marching band received numerous 1st and 2nd place trophies and excellent and superior ratings at various band competitions throughout North and South Carolina.
The Band Boost Club hosted the 15th annual Dillon Battle of the Bands Competition. The many parents and volunteers that produced this event worked diligently to make it successful in spite of the weather and other obstacles. The Dillon Battle of the Bands is the largest competition of its kind within a 100 mile radius of Dillon County.
All Booster Club members, Band Parents, Band Staff, and Band Students were recognized for their hard work, dedication, and outstanding accomplishments.
The following students received awards:
Jazz Band Awards
Most Improved Soloist – Michael Turner; Most Outstanding Soloist – Jamont McRae; Best Musician “Rhythm Section” – Brock Mack; Best Musician “Brass” – Amir McLellan; Best Musician “Woodwind” – Jamont McRae; Most Dedicated Male – Michael Turner; Best All Around Male – Amir McLellan; Best All Around Female – La’Zia Miles; and Most Dedicate Female – Ashton Turner
Concert Band Awards
Most Outstanding Freshman – Paris Nelson; Most Outstanding Sophomore – Leslie Vilagomez; Most Outstanding Junior – Jamal Godbold; Most Outstanding Senior – Jariesha Wright; Best All Around Female – Leslie Villagomez; Best All Around Male – Micha Hutto; Most Dedicated Female – Paris Nelson; Most Dedicated Male – Sean Smith; Director’s Character Award “Female” – Leslie Villagomez; Director’s Character Award “Male” – Deon Roberts; Most Improved Brass Musician – Ka’Niyah Allen; Best Brass Musician – Sean Smith; Most Improved Woodwind – Antanasia Williams; Best Woodwind Musician – Micha Hutto; Most Improved Percussion – Nazir Mclellan; Best Percussion Musician – Jamal Godbold; Most Improved Section – Trumpets; and Best Section – Percussion
Wind Ensemble Awards
Most Outstanding Freshman – Zyterria Corbin; Most Outstanding Sophomore – Michael Turner; Most Outstanding Junior – Angel Hunt; Most Outstanding Senior – Jamont McRae; Most Dedicated Male – Amir McLellan; Most Dedicated Female – Ashton Turner; Best All Around Male – Reggie Graves; Best All Around Female – Yu’Nique Dawkins; Director’s Character Award “Male” – Jakedrick Eagle; Director’s Character Award “Female” – Ashton Turner; Most Improved Brass Musician – Bobby Purnell; Best Brass Musician – Brock Mack; Most Improved Woodwind Musician – Candice McBride; Best Woodwind Musician – Jamont McRae; Most Improved Percussionist – Leslie Villagomez; Best Percussionist – Jamal Godbold; Most Improved Section – Trumpets; and Best Section – Clarinets
Marching Band Awards
Most Outstanding Underclassman – Lontif Williams; Most Outstanding Freshman – Rha’Niya Fraizer; Most Outstanding Sophomore – Au’Mareon Pinkney; Most Outstanding Junior – Na’Paris Graham; Most Outstanding Senior – JaMont McRae; Most Spirited Male – Reggie Graves; Most Spirited Female – Shaniya McInnis; Most Spirited Auxiliary – Zaria Johnson; Most Dedicated Male – JaMont McRae; Most Dedicated Female – Destiny Doroteo; Most Dedicated Auxiliary – Jamiya Page; Best All Around Male – Jamont McRae; Best All Around Female – Na’Paris Graham; Director’s Character Award “Male” – Deon Roberts; Director’s Character Award “Female” – Jareshia Wright; Best Marcher – Destiny Doroteo; Most Improved Musician – Madison Nelson; Most Improved Auxiliary – Samia Vanderhall; Best Musician – JaMont McRae; Best Auxiliary – Zaria Johnson; Most Outstanding Leader – Jamont McRae; Most Dedicated Chaperone – Mrs. Penny Gray; and Band Parent of the Year – Mrs. NaTasha Wilson
Band Program Support Recognition Award Recipients: Mr. Gregory Carmichael, Mr. Wayne McRae, The Page Family (Cedric, Miranda, Giles, Terrin) and Ms. Joyce Bethea
Annual Citrus Fruit Sale Top Sellers: 1st Place – Kyanna McKellar, 2nd Place – Sean Smith