Mars Hill Bibleway Church Completes Faithful Families Health Education Program

Members of the Mars Hill Bibleway Church recently completed the 9-week Faithful Families Thriving Communities health education program.

The program was offered by the Northeastern Rural Health Network, in part of the Healthy People Healthy Carolinas (HPHC)grant received from The Duke Endowment. Participants were provided health education from a certified Community Health Worker, who introduced the group to healthy eating and physical activity as a part of the evidence-based program. Participants learned to prepare healthier versions of meals and learned new recipes during live cooking demos which took place each class. The 9-week program works directly in communities of faith, promoting health for individuals, families, and local communities. The program provides the skills to be able to eat more meals at home, move more in everyday routine, and help faith communities lead healthier lives while preventing chronic disease. According to the most recent County Health Rankings Dillon County Ranks 45th out of the 46th counties in South Carolina in health outcomes. The annual rankings provide a snapshot of how health is influenced by where we live, learn, work and play. Additional data obtained from the Robert W. Johnson Foundation shows Dillon County has an adult obesity rate of 39% compared to the state average of 26%. One way to begin to decrease the obesity rate, and to improve future health outcomes is to educate the community members on the benefits of healthy eating and physical activity. Patrick Bines, Director of the Northeastern Rural Health Network states, “It is our hope, that through partnerships with local faith communities we can work together collaboratively to put policies and systems in place to ensure members have the best opportunity to live a healthy life”
The Northeastern Rural Health Network has made it a priority to provide opportunities for communities of faith to help improve the health of members, by offering the Faithful Families Thriving Communities program, at no cost. Danielle Parker-Locklear, Certified Community Health Worker with NRHN states “It is important that we work alongside our faith communities and provide them with the skills, education, resources, and tools needed to assist with behavioral change” Through the Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas initiative, the HPHC coalition is working with leaders in health care, public health, social services, government, education, community, and many other sectors, and welcome others with an interest in improving community health. If your faith community is interested in learning more about the Faithful Families Thriving Communities program or to request a demo please call 843- 535-0525 or email [email protected]