New Water Tank Project Discussed At Latta Council Meeting

By Betsy Finklea
The new water tank was discussed at the Latta Town Council meeting recently.
Latta Town Administrator Jarett Taylor reported that the preliminary plan for the new water tank had been turned into DHEC. It will be a 300,000 gallon tank.
The town currently has about 225,000 gallons in elevated storage facilities
Taylor explained that the town water system works off the pump on Highway 917 at the town water plant. The town sucks the water from the aquifer, purifies and cleans it, and then it goes to town on a 10-inch line which eventually feeds into an 8-inch line.
Taylor said the valve on Henry Street near the church has caused problems in the past and has caused shut offs of water to the town.
The new water tank will be located on Henry Street and will bypass this valve. A 10-inch line will be run from there to the new sign in town. This should improve the water situation in Latta.
This project should occur in 2021.