Senate Report: The Red Kettle

This is the season of giving! Around this time of year, we see Salvation Army volunteers with the red kettles at businesses throughout our communities.
A portion of the money collected is used to help millions of people in need during the Christmas season. The Salvation Army says all of the money raised stays in the community it is collected.
Communities change for better or worse over time a little bit at a time. Small well-intentioned drops in a bucket can add up and be the change a community needs. It is that time of the year when volunteers brave the cold, wind, and rain with the red kettles at businesses throughout our communities.
Each year Salvation Army volunteers armed with a bell and a smile collect donations from holiday shoppers across the nation. Change in our communities can begin with something as little as our spare change. Last year, holiday shoppers across the nation donated $142.7 million to the Salvation Army through the red kettles. Online giving through totaled $31.4 million, and donations through direct mail, 1-800-SAL-ARMY and other cash gifts totaled $259.6 million.
Like the economy, nonprofit organizations experienced some growth according to reports. Those red kettles serve as a reminder of the power, the ability, which we collectively have to change lives. Giving USA 2019: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2018 shows giving by individuals decreased in charitable giving by American individuals. Total giving in 2018 to 68% (down from 70% in 2017). Giving by corporations experienced solid growth in 2018.
An upturn in giving is encouraging, demand for services at charities has increased in light of recent events and natural disasters. Giving is vitally important especially this time of year. And in this country, we have a penchant for giving.
Contributions – no matter how small can make a significant impact in our communities.
What that says to me is giving or kindness is not merely a measure of your material wealth.
Kindness is an expression of your internal wealth. You have to have a heart for giving and a heart for kindness.
As we all take inventory of what we are thankful for this Christmas season, please consider those less fortunate and give. Those benefitting from your kindness whether total strangers or your preferred charitable organizations will certainly appreciate it.
Any day is a good day to give. You may not be able to give as much as you desire, but I commend your desire to give. Our communities will be the richer for it!
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