Hamer Church Of God To Celebrate Homecoming

The Hamer Church of God will have Homecoming on Sunday, November 10, at 10:00 a.m. with Pastor Tony Edwards of Seneca, S.C., and will feature the Tony Edwards Singers.
Bro. Edwards began preaching the gospel in 1976 in Ruby, SC.
In 1988 he became the Associate Pastor and Youth Minister at Palmetto St. Church of God. Then in 1991 he began his Pastoral Ministry. Since then he has been the Senior Pastor of Bountyland, Beaufort, Lake City, Pelzer, Gap Hill and Newry Churches of God.
Pastor Edwards received his diploma from the SC Church of God Bible and Music Institute.
He has traveled extensively over the years singing Gospel Music. He has recorded several gospel albums and plays at least 7 different instruments.
He is married to Carolyn and they have two children and seven grandchildren.
Pastor Edwards favorite verse is Galations 2:20
His hobbies are model (Electric) trains, Vintage Live Gospel LP Albums, Pedal Steel Guitar, and most importantly reading and studying the KJV Holy Bible.
Rev. Stan Rankin and the entire congregation invite everyone to attend and receive a blessing.
The Hamer Church of God is located at 2410 Highway 301 North, Dillon.