Editorial: Breaking The Trend

There has been a trend at Dillon County Council meetings lately of various council members not voting when an issue is tough or not politically popular. This is a trend that needs to stop.
When council members are elected, they are elected to represent the people of their district. Every time a council member simply does not vote, their constituents are not being represented. They might as well not have a council member there because their voice is not being heard.
Some council members will say that they did not vote because they did not understand the issue or have enough information. A “no” vote or a motion to table the matter is an effective way to handle the situation until more information is received or understanding gained and then the matter can be brought up at a later date.
Sometimes, it is hard to put your hand up one way or the other and cast a vote especially when feeling the pinch of political pressure, but it is the job that these council members sought and the job we elected them to do, so they need to do it.
When they don’t vote, they are not doing their job, and they are not serving their people effectively.
All council members are asked to break this trend and vote one way or the other on all matters.

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