PHOTO GALLERY: Gators Lose Heartbreaker To Raiders

The Lake View Wild Gators lost a heartbreaker 28-26 to the Hannah-Pamplico Raiders at home in this back-and forth varsity football season opener played on Thursday, August 16, in Lake View.
With 7:05 remaining in the second quarter, Hannah-Pamplico placed 6 points on the scoreboard when Eric Mays ran the ball in from the 3-yard line. The 2-point conversion attempt failed.
The Wild Gators responded with a 66-yard pass from Adarrian Dawkins with 5:20 remaining in the second quarter. The 2-point conversion attempt failed.
Lake View’s quarterback, Adarrian Dawkins scored on a 1-yard run with 48 seconds remaining in the first half. The 2-point conversion attempt failed.
At halftime, Lake View held a 12-6 lead.
The Raiders tied the game with 3:03 remaining in the third quarter on Jaheim Wilson’s 5-yard run. The 2-point conversion by Mays was good. The Raiders held a slim 2-point lead over the Wild Gators.
As time was almost out in the third quarter, Lake View’s Dawkins ran for 7 yards and placed 6 points on the scoreboard. The Wild Gators’ Jordan King ran for the 2-point conversion to give Lake View the lead.
The Raiders responded with a Cam Profit 90-yard kick return, and a Wilson 2-point conversion to once again take the lead.
With 9:15 remaining in the final quarter, Lake View’s Willie Wheeler returned an interception for 60 yards and a score. The 2-point conversion failed but Lake View had the lead.
Hannah-Pamplico’s Devin Daniels’ 12-yard run scoring touchdown with 1:29 remaining in the game.
The Wild Gators still had 1 minute and 29 seconds to move the ball 53 yards.
Lake View threw an incomplete pass. On the next play Hannah-Pamplico was offsides. However, the clock did not move and this aggravated the Raiders’ supporters.
The Wild Gators were called for a false start, and the ball was moved back to the 29-yard line…and the clock continued to run.
Lake View’s Dawkins picked up 10 yards on the next play, and a time-out was attempted by the Wild Gators. The officials did not recognize this, and the Gators’ Head Coach Daryl King ran onto the field and called a time-out again…King tossed his head phones and was cited for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty.
Lake View was intercepted with.9 seconds remaining in the game.

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