DHSF Meets

Chairman Lorene Arnette called the June meeting of the Dillon Historic School Foundation (DHSF) to order and asked Barbara Herring to offer the Invocation. Chairman Arnette then led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
After adoption of the agenda, the members addressed Unfinished Business, including needed building repairs, grants, and continued property insurance coverage. Mary Miller reported a brick wall repair was constructed by members of the Masonry Class at the Dillon Technology Center, supervised by the instructor William Salmon. Bricks for the construction were donated by Barbara Herring which left a minimal cost for the repairs. Secretary Miller also reported an inspection by the DHSF insurer was completed in May and also reported she met with Dillon Mayor, Todd Davis regarding grant opportunities.
Treasurer Barbara Herring reported work is continuing regarding grounds maintaince and that DHSF registration with the South Carolina Office of the Secretary of State for fundraising has been completed and approved. She also reported on costs and earnings from the BBQ fundraiser, followed by discussion and planning for future fundraisers.
The chair distributed copies of Board Policy in re expenditures, previously adopted by Board, followed by membership approval.
Betty Lou Barclay reported the imminent deadline for application of the City Accommodation Tax Grant. It was agreed DHSF should apply for a grant to undertake repairs for the windows of the J. V. Martin Auditorium.
Under New Business Mary Miller presented a plan for museum donations for use in the White Building and reported on continued needs for repairs and maintaince for the fencing and grounds. She reported Jimmy Dove had volunteered and completed removal of fallen tree debris from the grounds. Also discussed was future participation in city-wide festivals and events and provision of honorary memberships for individuals who have provided extraordinary support and assistance to DHSF.
In the absence of Deneene Herring, the Chairman reported on the selection of J. V. Martin Auditorium as an At Risk Historic Structure by the Preservation South Carolina organization and the acquisition of kitchen equipment for the JVM Cafeteria.
The meeting was adjourned with a reminder that the next meeting will be 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018, at the Dillon Chamber of Commerce Conference Room.