Latta Lady Vikings Get 5-0 Win Over Andrews

The Latta Lady Vikings scored 5 runs in the bottom of the fifth inning to return the Lady Yellow Jackets to Andrews with a 5-0 loss in 7A lower state playoff action on Saturday, May 6.
Latta’s Arica Gandy pitched the 7-inning game. She allowed 3 hits and walked 2 in the victory.
Andrews’ Carlie McCants was tagged with the loss for Andrews. She pitched 6 innings and allowed 5 runs of which 2 were earned, walked 1, and struck out 10.
Andrews was guilty of 3 errors while Latta committed only 1 in the game.
Andrews connected for 3 hits in the game. Andrews’ #3, Brooklynn Brewington, connected for a single in the top of the first and third innings. #21, F. Calloway, hit 1 over third for a double to lead off the top of the seventh inning.
Latta garnered 5 hits in the game. Latta’s Kyra Grant hit a grounder by third in the bottom of the first inning and bunted safely in the bottom of the fourth inning. Genesis Anderson tagged 1 between left and center for a hit in the bottom of the fifth inning.
Latta was able to get 5 runs on the scoreboard in the bottom of the sixth inning when Latta’s Kaleigh Caulder hit 1 between the legs of Andrews’ second baseman, Faith Callaway, for a triple. Kyra Grant hit a fly to right for a double and a rbi. Madison Owens hit 1 up the middle for a double and rbi. Macy Hyatt garnered a walk. There was a double steal by Madison Owens and Kaylie Miller who was a courtesy runner for Macy Hyatt. Genesis Anderson bunted and ended up on second with a rbi. On what I thought to be a double play, the ump called a “dead ball” on a bunt, and Latta had another out in the inning. Jayla Jackson hit a hopper to Andrews’ shortstop who committed an error, and 2 runs scored to account for Latta’s 5 runs in the inning.
The game was played under protest after the home plate ump made his ruling calling a “dead ball”. The batter was called out, the runner was returned to third base, and Latta was given another out. If Andrews wins the protest Miller will be ruled out, and the game will resume in the top of the seventh with Latta leading 3-0.
There were several good defensive plays in the game made not only by Andrews but also by Latta such as the one made at home by Latta’s pitcher, Arica Gandy, on a pop up in the first inning. Latta’s shortstop, Madison Owens, fielded a grounder by Andrews #11 in the top of the fifth. Latta’s left fielder, Kaleigh Caulder grabbed a shot by Andrews’ #5 in the top of the sixth.
On Sunday, May 7, Andrews lost the protest. Latta hosted Barnwell at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, May 8.