Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

I do not know when you will have the opportunity to read this material, whether it be before or after New Year’s Day; however, the things I am going to say here has to do with the reasons why the overwhelming majority of resolutions made by people concerning the New Year are never realized.  
There was a time when I was a firm believer in the practice of making New Year’s resolutions.  However, as I kept record over the years, most of those resolutions never came to pass.  
I am not saying that the resolutions were not right or achievable, but most of them were never realized.  Admittedly, I like so many others who have made resolutions that never came to fruition, were the reason behind the failures.  Here are some common reasons why most resolutions never come to pass:
Reason #1:  People are not serious and determined enough to stick with their discipline or effort in order to reap the results of what they have resolved.
This was the primary reason why my resolutions never came to pass.  Simply put, I lacked the individual or personal discipline to stick with the effort in order to receive the desired results.  This is why so many fail who make resolutions to loose weight, to stop smoking, to stop drinking, to stop gambling, and to stop doing other destructive and negative habits and practices.  If you’ve made a resolution, it will prove futile and fruitless if you lack the discipline and resolve to do your part in order to get results.
Reason #2:  The resolutions are impractical and virtually beyond the ability or capability of those who have made them to achieve or to accomplish.
When we resolve to do something, our desire or projection to achieve it must be within the reach of our ability to accomplish it.  No one can ever expect to do something that is beyond his/her physical, financial, or intellectual ability to achieve, except he/she receives a miracle.  I have learned that making a resolution should be based on our God-given abilities and responsibilities that we, through our own negligence, laziness, fear, and often procrastination, have failed to implement or put into practice.  Resolutions work when we come to a place of determination to pursue and practice those things that we should have been doing all the time – those things that are practical, prudent, and productive to our well being.  For instance, eating right, exercising, and being thrifty are very achievable goals that we should resolve to do because they enrich, enhance, and extend our lives.  There is also nothing wrong with setting goals or making resolutions that will enhance you spiritually, professionally, socially, and educationally when they are within your reach to achieve.  However, do not be impractical or foolish to put yourself in a race or pursuit that is beyond your abilities.  You must know your limitations, count up the cost, and go for it; but do not forget that your resolutions and projections must coincide with your determination and discipline.
Reason #3:  Resolutions are made out of routine tradition and during emotional moments.
Making resolutions is the customary thing to do in the excitement generated by the crowd and the swiftly approaching New Year, which is the impetus that drives many people to make resolutions that they have no intention or determination to follow through on.  Under such conditions and crowd frenzy, people have been known to say and to make all kinds of promises that they are not serious about keeping.  You must be careful not to allow the crowd and the emotional moment to move you to make a promise or resolution that you know you are not going to keep.  Think before you blurt out anything and speak from your mind and not your emotions.
There is nothing wrong with making New Year’s resolutions when you are determined and disciplined enough to do your part in achieving what you have resolved to do.  If this is the case, declare it and be practical and persistent in your pursuit and 2016 should be the year of realization and reaping, the year when your resolution becomes a reality – a year of prevailing and not failing.

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