Not Easily Explained

There are some questions that we ask that seemingly have no answers or at least no really clear answers that are easily understood.
Perhaps astrophysicists might try to explain to you the dimensions of infinity but at its extremity, then what?  Then there are the perennial theological questions that many struggle with often, one being why do bad things happen to good people?  Of course if you are not theologically oriented, does it matter?
Read the front page of almost any newspaper and you are likely to learn about some heartbreaking occurrence that defies any logical sense of fairness such as natural disasters, mass killings and nearly any incomprehensible event that happens to innocent children.  To most who have an understanding of good and evil and their consequences, what are the meanings/explanations that can make sense to us?
One explanation to this seeming riddle is that all things that happen to us as believers happen for a good purpose although not readily discernable to the self described victims.  We are told that we, like biblical Job, the poster boy for punishment, are tested “by fire” and made better because of the trials to which we are exposed.  This sounds logical if you are a metal being refined to a degree of hardness but to a creature of flesh and blood?  Yes, the answer still makes sense since believers in a ‘Supreme Being” who is infallible, know that His will is not opened to questioning and if so, do you know a better answer?  When the ‘why’ question is posed to The Most High, his likely answer is, “Why not?”   And your answer?
Of course no matter how this question is answered, we are still left with the ‘human’ longing for a more understandable clarification.   We are likely to claim victimhood since that places the responsibility on a third party thereby absolving us of any blame.  An easy target to blame is one that cannot refute your claim: genetics.  Somewhere and predisposed along the genome code, maybe something interrupted the normal sequence and you are the unfortunate beneficiary.
To which I say, “Deal with it.”
Be thankful for blessings that you have already been given.  Besides, The Promise is that the best is yet to come so celebrate your good fortune.
And finally, some food for thought:  From the Important One’s point of view, considering the question: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” – define the words BAD and GOOD.  It’s entirely possible that ‘bad’ may actually be ‘good’ and ‘good’ may be ‘bad’ depending on a certain perspective.
Sounds confusing?  Not if you are infallible.
Bill Lee
P.O. Box 128
Hamer, SC 29547

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